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We tried to cover just about everything you need to know.


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How do I take care of my product the best?


This is a great question for our products.  Each product comes with a card, which contains instructions to keep each piece(s) in it's best form just as you receive the product first day. Due note other cleaning solutions may cause discoloration due to chemicals. We are not responsible for this, if occured.


Is the vinyl on my product waterproof?


YES, the glass product can be cleaned as normal. We due ask for you to wash with care. The vinyl needs to be properly managed with a soft sponge and soft cloth.



Has my order been sent yet ?


Due to the customization of orders, this will and can change. We take pride in letting our customers know the best arrival time.

Can I track my order ?


Every order will contain an email in which the product has been sent. An order delivery can change depending on the mailing service used. 



What type of glassware is available?


Glassware will change based on order. We can do nearly any glass and if necessary any type of glass requested directly to us. 


Can I send over art work for my custom order and how much does this cost?


We work strong to connect with our customer so please feel free to reach out and ask questions. We want the piece / product to represent the artwork or design you are looking for. Emails will be exchanged to determine the best look for your design. 

Do the glass product(s) come in different colors?

Yes, we can place orders for different colors. This may change the time of design / delivery of a custom product. 


Delivery - How much is it and how long does it take?

This changes based on order. Please feel free to email or call directly so we can give you your best delivery time. Also, if you need completed by a certain date. 

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